Annual Physical Examination: Responsible for Employees' Health

Publication time:2019-03-07

The body is the premise ofeverything. With good health, you can live and work better. Every employee ofthe company is an indispensable member of the company, and they all makecontribution at their positions silently. The health of employees is the company's focus and the company's top priority ofhumanistic care. “Responsibility to Employees with Health Escort.” The physicalexamination items include internal medicine, surgery, electrocardiogram, blood,urine, color Doppler ultrasound (abdomen, chest, thyroid, etc.), blood sugar,blood lipid, kidney function, liver function, etc. The company strives to bringall-round health examination for employees and establish comprehensive healthrecords. After more than a month of research and preparation, the company'sannual employee physical examination has been launched again.

The physical examination itemsinclude internal medicine, surgery, electrocardiogram, blood, urine, colorDoppler ultrasound (abdomen, chest, thyroid, etc.), blood sugar, blood lipid,kidney function, liver function, etc. The company strives to bring all-roundhealth examination for employees and establish comprehensive health records.

From March 25 to April 25, thestaff physical examination of the company in 2018 was carried out synchronouslyin Kunshan headquarters, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and other large andsmall projects.

Orderly Medical Inspection Lines at Major Project Sites

Organized Physical Examinations

Simple and Balanced Breakfast during the Physical Examination

There are nearly 1,100 employees who have participated in thephysical examination this time. At present, more than 900 employees havecompleted the physical examination, and the rest will complete the physicalexamination in succession in the near future. For this physical examination,the company has established online physical examination documents for eachemployee, provided timely feedback of physical examination information, andurged employees with abnormal health conditions to conduct reexamination and treatmentas soon as possible to ensure their physical and mental health.

Through physical examination, employees can timely understandtheir physical conditions, enhance health awareness to achieve "earlyprevention and early treatment", and actively face the work and life witha healthy body and attitude to meet new challenges.

JUSTECH aims to care for the health of you andyour family,

Contributing to the employees who are workinghard!