Closing Ceremony of JUSTECH Fourth Basketball League - Passion Never Dies Down and Youth Never Give ...

Publication time:2019-03-07

After16 days of struggle and sweat for a total of nine days of match, JUSTECH fourthwinter basketball league draw to a close yesterday. The tacit cooperation andsuper team cooperation both reflect the spirit of JUSTECH. Through these games,what we acquire is not only glory, but also the passion and spirit by which theplayers compete on basketball court!

Closing Ceremony

At13:00 on January 6th, all the spectators and players lined up in the basketballcourt. The closing ceremony was hosted over by lady Daodao. The closingceremony was officially started with the announcement of the host. Energeticbasketball cheerleaders came on stage, and presented a wonderful danceperformance, making the atmosphere suddenly high.

The Third Place Match

The match was between two old champion teams: the defending champion is the HoneyBadger Team from the Aipai business division, and the other team is three-timechampion - the Screw Team from the manufacturing division. From the start, thecompetition was fierce and the defense was exemplary. At the beginning of thefirst quarter, the two sides played a tight game, and the two sides drew at thebreak. In the second quarter, the Honey Badger Team hita series of 3-pointers to take the lead in the seesawing battle with the ScrewTeam, and then went into the second half with a three-point advantage. TheHoney Badger Team made score 25-20 with No. 24's outside 3-pointer and LH'sinside breakthrough. At the begin of the last quarter, the Honey Badger Teamteam made a steady process, and continued to maintain the advantage. In theface of the Honey Badger Team's big lead, the Screw Team still organized sharp attack. Even if the other side was a wall of iron, theScrew Team had to chisel in with the courage. But due to low shooting average,the final score was fixed at 28:33. Thanks to these two old teams for the blood- boiling third - place battle. No matter what the result is, we should giveapplause to those who know the fighting spirit of basketball.

Title Mode

All JUSTECH employees’ focus - the titlerace was finally on. Before the game began, the two teams were warming up. Assoon as they saw a timeout, they hit a couple of baskets and were eager to showthe crowd the real Title Mode. The game officially began after the solemnplaying of the national anthem. The two sides were equal in attack and defense.The Charging Team's JM, LW were excelled at fast break counterattacks and"Zidane-style" turns. The LX, LZ and LHY of the Beacon Team were veryaccurate in shooting. The score was tied many times. In the final second of thethird quarter, after the Charging Team's CWB served out of the line, and hit athree-pointer at the end of the quarter to lead by three points. However, thereal confrontation in the fourth quarter only began, with the cheering wavesounding around. Can Charging Team get rid of the fate of losing Title Mode andmake the reversal in the end? History is always strikingly similar. TheCharging Team couldn't resist a marksman like super “star” in the last quarterwho hit three points in quick succession made the lose of the Charging Team.The Beacon Team became the strongest dark horse of the season with a 38-31victory over the Charging Team. This was the first time for the three coredepartments to win the cup and achieve the dream!

In theend, Shark, Frank and Eagle awarded trophies and medals to the champions,runner-up, second runner-up and MVP respectively, witnessing the gloriousmoment together! This moment of triumph is the best proof of the sweat of thepast and the hope for a better result next time.

So far,the 2018 JUSTECH fourth winter basketball league has come to a successfulconclusion. During this half month, there are surprises, losses, touches andregrets. Thanks to the days that accompanied JUSTECH basketball game, whichwarmed the whole winter. Finally, the warmest applause is for all the playerswho treated every game with the most enthusiasm and the strongest cooperationno matter whether they would succeed or fail. It is such attitude that provideda thrilling, heat up the game for us, also won the glory belonging to them. Passionnever dies down and youth never give up. See you next year!