The Awarding Ceremony of the National Professional Qualification Training Certificate for Bench Work...

Publication time:2019-03-07

The awarding ceremony of the National Professional Qualification TrainingCertificate for bench workers in 2018 has been successfully completed.

Since its establishment in 2006, JUSTECH Group hasbeen in the forefront of China'sautomation industry, relying on its strong technological research anddevelopment strength, industry-leading service level and perfect layout of theautomation industry chain. The group not only provides the career developmentand the growth space for employees, but also provides enough opportunities forevery ambitious employees to strive and grow together with the company.

Therefore, in order to better improve employees'skills, training benefits and sense of gain, and create a learning atmospherefor all employees, our company's Organizational Development team has introducedthe internal evaluation of bench work in enterprises at the end of 2017, andobtained the internal evaluation qualification, which has been stronglysupported and highly recognized by Kunshan Labor Bureau, Kunshan SkillsAppraisal Center and Bacheng Labor Institute. The company's organizationaldevelopment team actively implements and develops a number of measures,including enterprise internal evaluation, external professional training andnational professional qualification certificate skills appraisal, in order toearn learning benefits for many employees. Through in-house training, the companyhopes to impart knowledge and skills to its employees. All trainees activelyparticipate in the training with full input and thanks to the company'straining and care.

Bench worker, involving metalprocessing technology in machinery manufacturing, belongs to the occupation(type of work) urgently needed inKunshanCity. As of April 2018,103 employees have participated in the training,through which employees have benefited a lot. Each employee not only improvesthe cognitive ability and operational ability of their respective positions,but also expands the ideas of on-site lean management. Especially for thefuture jobs, they have got inspiration and learned new methods. In the future,the company will continue to improve steadily, so as to improve workefficiency, enhance the overall image of the company, and promote stable,healthy and sustainable development.

Seventy-fiveof them have obtained the National Professional Qualification Certificate for BenchWorkers. In response to the relevant incentive policies of Kunshan MunicipalGovernment, for those who meet the conditions, the company has provided themwith a national reward of 1300 yuan per person for their skills upgrading.Therefore, internal training is the best gift to employees.

InSeptember this year, the 2018 National Professional Qualification TrainingCertification and Award Ceremony for Bench Workers was held in the companysuccessfully. Wang Ke, the manager of manufacturing department, attended theawarding ceremony and presented the awards as a guest for all the award-winningemployees.

Atthe beginning of the meeting, Wang Ke, the manager of manufacturing department,made a speech, praised the award-winning employees on the spot, put forward thedevelopment ideas in the work, described the bright future of the company, andstrengthened the confidence of all employees. In 2018, the company will becomea more dynamic and passionate team.

Atthe meeting, Wang Ke personally awarded the National Professional QualificationCertificate and bonus for bench workers in 2018, and shared the successfulexperience, making employees benefit a lot. As long as we have the rightattitude, firm belief, and forge ahead to pursue the dream, the company willdevelop more and better talents and teams in the future.

Finally,the ceremony ended successfully in the warm response. Let us work together withpassion and confidence, setting off to create a brilliant company.

Quotesfrom the company's founder:

I keep working to make changes to alloweveryone to lead a better and better life, as a better life can change the waypeople think and then change their fate. Once you change your fate, you willmake a change to the world. We are willing to be the stepping stone to the riseofChina'smanufacturing.

Wealways uphold the commitment of the founder, and it is this kind of persistencethat makes the company constantly changing and progressing, and inspires everyemployee with our own strength.

Congratulationsto the following winning employees! Here's the applause~