Employees Making Efforts in Mass Production at the Crucial Time of the Year

Publication time:2019-03-07

The comingof July means the hottest season of the year has begun. "Striking whilethe iron is hot", the company also entered the annual the annualproduction peak of equipment.

The employees of various projects are just like diligentlittle bees. With youth and passion, wisdom and sweat, they overcome numerousdifficulties day and night to complete each task of clients and makecontributions to the company.

In orderto thank the "front-line fighters", the company sent me and Eason tolead a cheering team, bringing thanks and greetings to the employees who weremaking effort outside, and giving the "Cool Four Sets" carefullyprepared by the company to the employees of various projects.

Our firststop was Changshuo, Shanghai. We packed the gifts early and waited for the employeesof the day shift to leave work. It wasn't until after 9 p.m., when I wasalready sleepy, that I finally met the dear employees. One employee saidhappily: "fortunately today is Sunday, so we can get off the morningshift, or we will not see you, the legendary editor!" Looking at theemployees’ tired faces full of expectations, who have been working all day, the"legendary editor" quickly distributed the gifts one by one."Ouch," joked one employee as he took the gift bag, "We are afamily, wh why bother to bring gift here! Ha Ha Ha!"

By thistime late at night, the gifts had already been distributed. The clever Easonraided the male employees' dormitory, making the male employees in pajamassurprised (the photos are not be posted... ). When Eason asked them about theirfeelings on the gifts, an employee said, "it's practical. Now, in thisweather, I have to take a shower every day, and the shower gel towel is themost practical, and I just ran out of my shower gel, so I don't need to buy it.A good saving." Eason asked them whether there were any difficulties, andthe employees said, "Yes, but please take the camera away!!!"

Subsequently,the cheering team came to Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Changshu, Yantai....We saw all theemployees were happy to see their "family members", their smilingfaces full of youth, passion and confidence, from whom, we could see thecompany's hope and future!

At the crucialtime of the year, the employees are making efforts in mass production. In thefollowing days, the company will encourage all the employees to continue towork hard, hand in hand together, and create a better future!