“Celebrating Spring Festival with Couplets” Activity

Publication time:2019-03-08

“No Spring Festival without Couplet, WarmerAtmosphere with Couplet.” On the morning of February 7, 2018, the activity of"Welcoming the New Year and Sending Spring Couplets" was carried outby the company together with the Youth League Committee of Bacheng Town, inorder to welcome the 2018 Spring Festival and create a festive and peacefulholiday atmosphere.

The Bacheng Youth League Committee and seven calligraphers came to the company,spread the red rice paper, dipped the writing brush andink, and wrote the Spring Festival couplets and blessings on the spot.

“Red Spring Couplets Warming People's Hearts, Ink FragranceSending Blessings.” Calligraphers were attentive, their writingbrushes were flying, and many kinds of fonts were springing up on paper. Soon,many pairs of red couplets and the Chinese word "Luck" emitting inkfragrance and new year flavor were displayed in front of the employees, makingonlookers amazed. Many employees surrounding calligraphers got their owncustomized Spring Festival couplets. The scene was very lively.

It is worth mentioning that there arealso calligraphy talents among the employees of the company. Several employeescouldn't help but also showed their writings, which were as good as those ofthe calligraphers.

After the on-site writing, employees tooka group photo with all the calligraphers at the company's reception, thankingthe Youth League Committee and thecalligraphers for their calligraphy and blessings.

The companyspecially invited the calligrapher to write nearly 100 more pairs of couplets. During lunch time, a knowledgequestion-and-answer activity of "Welcoming the Spring Festival andDelivering Spring Festival Couplets" was conducted in the dining hall.Employees drew lots to answer questions, and won a pair of Spring Festivalcouplets or a pair of Chinese words "luck" by only giving the rightanswer .

Employees wereenthusiastic and came to participate in the activity willingly. With a deepunderstanding of traditional Chinese knowledge and corporate culture, manyemployees won their own Spring Festival couplets.

Within an hour,nearly 100 Spring Festival couplets were delivered to employees.In high spirits, employees took photos at the event. To this point, At thispoint, the event "Welcoming the Spring Festival and Delivering SpringFestival Couplets" ended successfully.

Here, the companywishes all JUSTECH employees a happy New Year and a happy family reunion inadvance!