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⣺Ȼ                    ʱ䣺652:00-5:00
ص㣺501                    ѡ֣10ѧ
ϵˣ 绰44786655    ע⣺100
Dear Ms. Smith,
    I'm Li Hua, Chair of the Student Union of Yucai Middle School, which is close to your university. I'm writing to invite you to be a judge at our English speech contest to be held in Room 501 in our chool on June 15. It will start at 2:00p.m. and last for about three hours. Ten students will deliver their speech on the given topic "Man and Nature". We hope that you will accpet our invitation if it is convenent for you. Please call me at 44876655 if you have any questions.
    I am lookng forward to your reply.
With best wishes,
Li Hua
IILearning aims
At the end of the lesson,students should be able to: write a notice or an annoucement with normative and correct structureܹдһ淶ȷ֪ͨ߿ͷ֪ͨ
IIISelf-study (ѧϰ)10min
Part 1: ֪ʶ

ʡAn annoucement

ͷ֪ͨóƺBoys and girls; Dear classmates; Ladies and gentlemen
Attention, please                   May I have your attention please?
Please be quiet. I have something important to tell you.    
I’ve got an annoucement to make.     I’m glad to tell you that ...
I have a good news to tell you.        The notice is here given to those who...
2)ý That’s all. Thank you.
ص㣺______ the playground _____ the reading/ meeting room   _____ the great hall
______ hte stadium ______ the school gate _____ the teacher’s office   ____ Room 8
_____ the lab   ______ the People’s Theater _____ the farm   _____ the second flood
ʱ䣺(ӵǰat,ijǰon, ijǰon,·ǰin)
20139 _________________________  
201361 ____ 5:00pm ____ June 1, 2013
201331ߵ ____ 7:00 ___ the evening of March 1, 2013
201361ߵ ____ 7:00 pm ____ Thursday, June 1, 2013
201361ߵ ____ 7:00 ____ Thurdays evening, June 1, 2013
from 8:00pm to 10:30am on Thursday, June 1, 2013 _________________________________
ȥ۹ go to a tour    ȥԶ__________     ȥӾgo swimming     Ұ have a picnic
һ have a football match     һݽ have a speech contest
ݽ deliver/give a lecture   give a talk    ݽ __________ the lecture
μӾۻ __________ the party     ι۲ _______ the museum 
μ take an active part in     μ sign up (for...)    enter one’s name (for...)
1. The meeting originally scheduled to be held this Thursday has to be postponed to next Friday
2. There will be a lecture on American Culture...
3. A lecture will be given by Mr. Smith on American Culture...
4. Those who are interested in it, please...
5. All the students are expected to attend it.
6. All the students are welcome.
7. Make sure that you..../ Be sure to....
8. Please attend it on time.
9. Don’t be late/ Do be present on time.
10. Don’t miss the chance!
11. Please take your notebooks and make notes.
12. Please listen carefully and we will have discussion in groups following the lecture.
IIIEnjoy a try (Сţ)
Co-operative studyѧϰ
Step1 ——ץ׼Ҫ㣬ƶ


1.       ˺ݽ ʽinvite򱻶_________________________
2.       ʱص㣺 begin _____________________________________________
3.       μӵԱע԰ ______________
____________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________                                                                                       June, 18
The Student Union
IV. Check in pairs ()
嵵ܺãȫ涨Ի,ֻ1-2С,޴21- 25֣
ĵãȫ涨©1 2ص㡣,1,3-4С 18-20֣
ڶϲĩ涨н϶,4, 9-10С 6-10֣
һĩ涨 ֻдҪйصһЩʡܶ,5,10С 1-5֣
δܴκϢ                  0
VPresentation (չʾ)
2. ޸ AôûиõĴʻ߶߾
4. ͬѧ
VII. Reflection after class(κ˼)


ۡۡ    οģ
1. ָԼ۵㣬֤ġģʽΪ
It is well-known that _______/As we all know, __________(۵).Why?
Firstly...(һ)   Secondly... (ɶ)   Thirdly...()   Finally...()
Therefore/Thus/In a word/To conclude +۵㣨ٴε⣬ͨʵת.
2. ָijһ۵貵⣬Լ۵㲢֤ġģʽΪ
    Some people think that.../It is commonly believed that+۵.But it is not true/I don’t agree. In my opinion,+ȷ۵.Why?
Firstly...(һ)   Secondly... (ɶ)   Thirdly...()   Finally...() Therefore/Thus/In a word/To conclude+۵㣨ٴε⣬ͨʵת.
4.       оͣѡͣ
ģʽһAccording to a survey/our recent discussion, people have different opinions over...(There was a survey/discussion about...)
50% think that۵һ(һ). On the other hand,about 30% argue that۵(ɶ) Another 20% believe that...
As to me,ԼĹ۵().
ģʽNowadays few people pay attention to dealing with waste batteries.) A majority of people think that۵һ.In their views there are two factors contributing to this attitude as follows:in the first place,ԭһ.Furthermore, in the second place,ԭ.
People, however,differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea that۵.In their views,on the one hand, ԭһ.On the other hand,ԭ.Therefore,there is no doubt that...
    As far as I am concerned,I firmly support the view that...It is not only because...but also
because...The more...the more...
    Nowadays,there is a widespread concern over(the issue that)Ŀ.In fact,there are
both advantages and disadvantages inĿ.Generally speaking,it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows.Firstlyŵһ. And secondlyŵ.
    Just as a popular saying goesevery coin has two sidesis no exception,and in another word,it still has negative aspects.To begin withȱһ.In additionȱ.
    In my opinion/I think...+ԼĹ۵.
Task 2:2011 ȫ߿ IһӢѧУѧϰٿγ̣һѣϣõѧУģLearning Cernterİѧ棬ҪԤԼ밴Ҫдһţ
1. ˼
3. Լʱ
4. ϵʽEmail: lihua@1236.com; phone:12345678
ע⣺100 ʶϸڣʹ
Co-operative studyѧϰ
Step1 ——ץ׼Ҫ㣬ƶ


1.       ҽ ѧϰڿγ _____________________
2.       ݣ().. _______________________  
3.       Լʱϵʽҵ͵绰_________________________________
Dear Sir/ Madam,
With best wishes,  
Li Hua
(2011 ɽ߿ ) ѧϰTomϸѧϰ·㽫ȥμѧӢݽѼϡõȷѡҪTomдһʼ
1. ѯTomѧϰ
2. ̸̸ѲTomæ
3. Tomȥ
ע 120-150ʵϸڣʹᡣ
Writing 1:
It’s such a _________ to hear from you. ____________________(л). I like it very much. And ___ _______ _______ ________, I truly ___________ what you have done for the children in the quake-striken area. It’s so ______ and _________ of you to do this.
Wish you ______ _______ _______, and look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.
Writing 2: (2012 ȫ߿II)
ٶΪٰվۻᡣдSusan μӣҪУ
1.       ʱ䣺8㵽9
2.       ص㣺ѧֲ
3.       ݣո衢⡢Ϸ
4.       Ҫ󣺱С
Hi Susan,
We are throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s Birthday.

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